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What benefits does AGV bring to the enterprise?

What benefits does AGV bring to the enterprise?

1. Economic Benefits:

A standard AGV can carry three porters, a driver and a transporter, but does not require wages or social security. The results show that the application of AGV can reduce human resources by 3%.

2. Human benefit:

The core of the scientific Outlook on Development is people-oriented. There are a variety of AGVS, a variety of functions, intelligent forklift AGVS, intelligent apple picking AGVS ,intelligent bridge AGVS, intelligent paving AGVS. Some agricultural animals are not afraid of danger and can work in any toxic or harmful environment.

3. Technical benefits:

With AGVS, the technology is high, but the technology is endless. Only by constantly upgrading technology can we meet the needs of new and changing people. Promote business innovation and technology upgrading.

4. Management benefits:

As a special transportation vehicle, AGV can be driven automatically instead of by drivers. And learning self-consultation, fault problems do not need experts, ordinary craftsmen can be completed. The analysis of the whole social system of AGV can effectively realize intelligent dispatching in China, avoid many AGV collisions and traffic jams in driving work, keep busy and orderly production and life order, and significantly save the cost of personnel information management personnel.

5. Benefits of improving overall quality:

The company uses AGV work to realize the operation of production, management and robot production line, which is the need of enterprise knowledge, so that the quality requirements of industry employees are very different from traditional enterprises. In this kind of enterprise, no matter how much education you have received and how much rich experience you have, you have to constantly learn new technologies to improve your quality. If you do not learn, you will be eliminated. Therefore, large-scale use of AGV will gradually transform the enterprise into a learning enterprise.

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