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What are the advantages of high-end intelligent manufacturing industrial robots?

What are the advantages of high-end intelligent manufacturing industrial robots?

1. Ease of use of robots

In China, industrial robots are widely used in the manufacturing industry, not only in the automotive manufacturing industry, to the production of the space shuttle, military equipment, high-speed rail development, small to the production of ballpoint pens have a wide range of applications. And has extended from the more mature industry to food, medical and other fields. Due to the rapid development of robot technology, compared with traditional industrial equipment, not only the price gap between products is getting smaller and smaller, but also the degree of product individuation is high. Therefore, in the manufacturing process of some complicated products, industrial robots can replace traditional equipment, so that economic efficiency can be improved to a large extent. According to statistics, from 2016 to 2017, the total sales volume of industrial robots in the world has exceeded 346,000 units from 294,000 units. Industrial robots can be seen in a wide range of applications.

2. High level of intelligence

With the continuous progress of computer control technology, industrial robots will gradually be able to understand human language, and industrial robots can complete the components of products, thus freeing workers from complex operations. The welding robot system in industrial production can not only realize the automatic real-time tracking of space welding seam, but also realize the on-line adjustment of welding parameters and the real-time control of welding quality, which can meet the urgent requirements of complex welding process and welding quality and efficiency of technical products. In addition, with the expansion of human exploration space, industrial robots can also use their intelligence to successfully complete tasks in extreme environments such as space, deep water and nuclear environment.

3. High production efficiency and safety

Manipulator, as the name implies, by imitating the human hand and produced by the manipulator, it produces a product time is fixed. In the same life cycle, the output of the robot arm is also fixed, not up and down. And each model of product production time is fixed, product yield is also high, the use of robot production is more in line with the interests of the boss.

Industrial robots in factories can solve many problems in production safety. For personal reasons, such as not familiar with the work process, work negligence, fatigue work lead to production safety hazards, all can be avoided.

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