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Is it worth using automatic palletizing machine instead of artificial palletizing machine?

From the intelligent era of the 21st century, automatic palletizing machine has more advantages than manual, simple operation and direct computer control to achieve mechanical automation production, is very helpful to enterprises, some industries have achieved good results.

1.Low cost

Fully automatic palletizing machine is indeed much higher in price. But this is relatively large processing plants, workers’ wages have exceeded the cost of an automatic palletizing machine, and the service life of the palletizing machine is relatively long, which is also to save costs for enterprises.

2. Fast speed

Automatic palletizer technology level is more and more mature, the output can reach 600-1200 times/hour, but if the manual to complete from the transmission line to grab objects, to place to develop the tray, it takes several times of time, visible artificial efficiency, output is significantly less than automatic palletizer.

3. Save labor

In the past enterprise management, manual management is also a very important and tricky part, in the face of round after round of labor shortage problem, enterprises can not recruit people is forced to fall into a passive state. But if use automatic palletizing machine to replace artificial, do not need to worry about the above problems. And robot management is more single, as long as the master of its operation and maintenance can be.

4. Good stacking shape

Artificial palletizing directly on the tray, loose and disorderly without type. Automatic palletizing machine is arranged by the gripper into shape in order, the shape of the palletizing machine is very neat and beautiful.

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