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The characteristics and advantages of AGV

AGV system flexibility, high degree of automation, high degree of intelligence is the main reason for a wide variety of automated logistics equipment, high degree of automation, unmanned vehicles are popular according to the warehouse demand and production process changes, flexible adjustment of AGV driving route in today’s science and technology field, AGV integrated the theory and application of advanced technology, a more advanced AGV AGV work area relative to the stacker monorail car transport, do not need to laying track bracket device such as a fixed, not limited by ground road and space AGV car in automatic logistics system can fully embodies its automaticity and flexibility, more efficient economy The development of intelligent logistics provides a broad market space for the application of AGV On the whole, logistics industry is a labor-intensive industry with low degree of automation. Under the background of increasing labor costs, logistics enterprises have an increasingly urgent need to reduce costs and increase efficiency. As an indispensable and important technical equipment to promote smart logistics, AGV has ushered in new development with the help of the dongfeng wind of smart logistics .

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