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What is the significance of applying intelligent welding robot in enterprises?

What is the significance of applying intelligent welding robot in enterprises? Welding robots account for more than 40% of all industrial robots. Welding as an industrial “tailor” is a very important processing method in industrial production, and also due to welding smoke, arc, metal splash. The existence of welding environment is very bad, welding quality has a decisive impact on product quality.

The use of enterprise intelligent welding robot has the following main implications:

1.Stabilize and improve welding quality to ensure its uniformity.

The welding result is determined by welding parameters such as welding current, voltage, welding speed and welding dry elongation. When using robot welding, the welding parameters of each weld remain unchanged, the welding quality is less affected by human factors, and the requirements for workers’ operation technology are reduced, and the welding quality is stable. In the case of manual welding, welding speed and drying elongation change, so it is difficult to achieve uniformity of quality.

2.The working conditions of the edge-changing workers.

Robotic welders are used only to load and unload workpieces, away from welding arcs, smoke and splashes. For spot welding, workers no longer carry heavy manual welding clamp, so that workers from high intensity manual labor.

3. Improve labor productivity.

The robot doesn’t get tired and can work 24 hours a day. In addition, with the application of high efficiency welding technology, the adoption of robot welding, the efficiency is more obvious.

4.Clear product cycle, easy to control the output of products.

The robot’s production cycle is fixed, so the production plan is very clear.

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