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What is a cooperative robot? What are the differences with ordinary robots?

Global equipment manufacturers will encounter the same situation: serious lack of human capital; Increasing productivity and speed hit bottlenecks; Control production cost; Reduce defective goods, quality problems and loss of goods; Deal with workplace accidents and ergonomic challenges.

In order to reduce labor costs, and improve the speed, the introduction of industrial robots is a very good choice, but the situation of the traditional industrial robot from its installation location is fixed, must be run in safe protection space and manipulation, in practical situations, because many of the assembly line has a lot of workers, there is no area were safety nets, so difficult to install, In addition, traditional industrial robots are still potentially dangerous. Even after installation, they may also bring risks to workers’ own safety. But collaboration robot is different, they can change the installation location, flexible installation in the region of the space is narrow, can also be Shared with workers run space, establish safe interaction with people The most obvious example is that when touching collaborative robot workers, it will terminate, reasonable and effective to ensure the safety of the workers In addition, the benefits of collaborative robot also stems from a compiler is concise Whether the operator is trained in computer programming or not, he or she knows how to compile a collaborative robot, saving a lot of time. In addition, cooperative robot is also a flexible device, which can be applied to many industries, such as 3C electronics industry. Because 3C products have a short life cycle and many kinds, the standard for flexible manufacturing is higher, and the convenient control of cooperative robot becomes a good choice. In short, enterprises must deal with the global competition pressure, must improve their production force and speed, must control the production cost, cooperative robot has become the best choice, for the robot industry, this has become a better direction of development prospects.

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