Welding robot RBT-RH20-10-W

Welding robot RBT-RH20-10-W


Product Introduction

Welding robot RBT-RH20-10-W

*With compact design 10kg payload and about 2.0 meters arm span,it can be installed on the ground or upside down flexibly.

*With large working space and fast running speed.it is suitable for welding.

*The safety emergency stop board is independent of the controller, and the safety relay circuit id adopted to provide double circuit emergency stop to ensure the reliability of emergency stop.

*The robot body cables are made of special cables for flexible robots.

*Built-in three-phase transformer,380v and 200v isolation, more stable power supply. (Power supply requirements can be customized for different countries.)

*Built-in three phase filter can effectively improve the performance of EMC and EMI.

*The robot body is with dual-circuit gas pipe and meets welding and handling requirements.

*It’s with highly flexible built-in welding cable.


Product Paramete

Model RBT-RH20-10-W
Arm form Vertical multiple joints
Degree of freedom 6 axis
Maximum payload 10KG
Maximum travel axis 1 Ground/upside down mounting -167°~167°,wall mounting -30°~30°
axis 2 0°~175°
axis 3 -80°~150°
axis 4 -190°~190°
axis 5 -105°~130°
axis 6 -210°~210°
Maximum speed axis 1 159°/S
axis 2 159°/S
axis 3 169°/S
axis 4 280°/S
axis 5 240°/S
axis 6 483°/S
Allowable torque axis 4 24N.m
axis 5 24N.m
axis 6 14N.m
Allowable moment of inertia axis 4 1.4kg.m²
axis 5 1.4kg.m²
axis 6 0.5kg.m²
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.08mm
Maximum reaching distance 1920mm
Robot body weight 288KG
Installation mode Ground/upside down mounting

Installation environment

Ambient temperature 0°~45°
Relative humidity 20~80% (No condensation)
Vibration Under 0.5G
Others Robot installation must be away from: Flammable or corrosive liquids or gases, electrical sources of interference
IP level Body IP54, wrist IP67
Advantage features Compact structure, high speed, high precision, high expansibility and easy operation
Application Cutting, assembly, handling, marking, grinding


Product Details

Welding robot RBT-RH20-10-W

Product Application

Welding robot RBT-RH20-10-W


Welding robot RBT-RH20-10-W

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