Product Introduction


RBT-S100 industrial robot control system adopts international standard EtherCAT bus technology.Equipped with data acquisition card, robot special terminal and security interface;Modular software design, for different ontology structure, application industry, function, etc.It can realize the control of vertical multi-joint tandem robot, vertical multi-joint parallelogram robot, vertical multi-joint L-shaped wrist robot, vertical multi-joint spherical wrist robot, polar coordinate robot, multi-axis special machine and other robots.Used in handling, welding, spraying, stacking, cutting, polishing and polishing fields.Industrial bus can extend fieldbus, machine vision system and so on.

Model Coding

Symbol Series
RBT-S40 4-axis pulse series
RBT-S80 8-axis pulse series
RBT-S100 ECAT series
RBT-SA40 4-axis series
RBT-SA60 6-axis series
RBT-SA80 8-axis series
RBT-SA100 ECAT series


Product Application

Welding, cutting, handling, palletizing, machine tool loading and unloading, spraying, forging and pressing, casting and other fields or industries


Technique Feature

· Optimized structure algorithm and adapted to ontology control of various structure forms

· Modularized functional Settings suitable for a variety of applications

· 24 axis control, can realize three machine coordination and external axis interface

· Ether CAT International Standard Bus, 100M speed, U-level synchronization accuracy

· Built-in position control mode, speed control mode, interpolation cycle 0.5-2ms

· System integration: 24 in and 24 out I/O, 4-way D/A, encoder interface

· Software PLC function, convenient logic control

· Process function, simple programming and easy operation

· Ether CAT servo adaptation

· Safety module to ensure safe production of robots

Technical parameters

Teach pendant 8 inches TFT-LED, keyboard + touch screen, mode selection switch, safety switch, emergency stop button
Control shaft number 24 axis
Storage Spaces 200M
Safety module Emergency stop, abnormal signal to ensure the robot to stop quickly
Control servo Ether CAT bus servo
Interface Digital I/O interface, 24 input/24 output, Ether CAT Control servo
4-way 0-10V analog output, 12-bit accuracy
2-channel encoder signal interface (position tracking)
Dual Ethernet interface, Ether CAT interface
Operation mode Teach, reproduce, remote
Program method Teaching reproduction, process programming(Gluing, tracking, vision, remote, stamping)
Control method Position control
Coordinate Systems Joint coordinates, base coordinates, user coordinates, tool coordinates
Software PLC Trapezoidal map editing,5000 step
Applications Welding, cutting, handling, palletizing, machine tool loading and unloading, spraying, forging and pressing, casting and other fields or industries
Power DC24V 5A
Size 244*141*70mm


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