Product Introduction


RBT-E60-G3 integrated drive and control industrial control cabinet consists of three parts: the main movement of the drive and control cabinet, the electrical cabinet and the external interface.

1. Drive and control integrated host, which integrates the robot’s servo drive control, robot control system, data acquisition and communication, robot special hardware interface, etc., and realizes the combination of robot control system and drive system.

2.The electronic control adopts the design concept of thick plate, strong and durable. It contains the control of the newly developed hardware emergency stop and MC enabling unit.

3. External interface includes IO terminal, reserved welding special terminal, three-station operation box interface, double external shaft interface, and robot body plug connecting X1/X2.


Model Coding

Symbol Series
RBT-E40 4-axis robot control cabinet
RBT-E60 6-axis robot control cabinet
RBT-E80 8-axis robot control cabinet
RBT-E100 ECAT robot control cabinet


Product Application

Welding, cutting, handling, palletizing, machine tool loading and unloading, spraying, forging and pressing, casting and other fields or industries


Technique Feature

When the hardware emergency stop circuit is pressed, the main power supply of the servo will be effectively cut off and the motor will stop and hold the brake, so that the robot can stop quickly and the safety of personnel and equipment can be guaranteed.

· Power failure regeneration function, which can record all information during power failure, and reproduce the state before power failure after power recovery.

· MC, hardware logic control, control switch in the effective position, the robot can make and actions, or a robot is in stop state, in the teaching program, program, check, such as abnormal condition, when loosen the grip switch, which can effectively stop the robot, ensure the safety of personnel and equipment to reduce unsafe accidents.

· Special terminals for welding are reserved in the cabinet

· Three station external control box interfaces are reserved, including start/reserve, pause and emergency stop terminals

· According to the changes of X1/X2 wiring, the connection with a variety of robot bodies can be realized

· Independent air duct prevents dust from entering and ensures long-term stability

Technical parameters

Power Supply Three-phaseAV220V±15% 50/60Hz,Add PE ground wire
Transformer capacity 3KVA(6KG)/5KVA(20KG) If an external shaft is installed, increase the capacity
External shaft is available 2-axis(coordinate)(Optional )
Adapt the robot type 6KG-20KG 6 axis robot body
Adaptation motor Adapt to the motor with domo – chuan encoder
DVI-D USB, EMAC(Support for visual),Serial Port(232,485)communication
Analog interface 4 D/V
Robot specific interface ·         Hard limit, anti – collision, maintenance switch, safety speed, safety door, etc
Reserved special interface Arc welding special interface, station interface, remote upper interface
Standard IO ·         22 input/output channels
Software package ·         Welding, handling, palletizing, spraying are optional
Demonstrator RBT-TPHK80-C
Size 580*500*300


Installation dimension drawing

RBT-E60-G3 Installation dimension


RBT-E60-G3  + G3K Installation dimension




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