Product Introduction


RBT-E40-B1/CRP-E60-B1 Drive and control integrated electric cabinet is a newly developed industrial robot control cabinet. The control cabinet is highly integrated with small volume and complete functions. High integration of drive and control integrated movement, hardware emergency stop loop, special robot port, rich expandable interface, integrated LIQUID crystal display screen, switch external mode switch plug and pull teacher, teacher can be used by more than one machine.

I. CRP-E40-B1/CRP-E60-B1 Industrial robot drive and control integrated control cabinet contains three parts: drive and control integrated movement, chassis and external interface.

1. Integrated drive and control movement

The integrated drive and control movement adopts ARM platform different from the existing controller of the company, with lower power consumption and less heat. Adopt new technology, controller and driver use parallel bus connection, real-time read position, safer and more reliable. The structure adopts the new connection mode, modularization, various specifications of the driving module can be combined at will, high flexibility, easy to replace. Drive internal address automatic allocation, more intelligent human.

2, the case

Combined with many years of industry experience, material selection, structural design is more professional and reasonable, not only to ensure the safety of products, strong, durable, volume is also more compact and beautiful. The component layout is more reasonable and looks more compact.

3. External interface

Includes universal input-output interface, robot special interface, external encoder interface, analog, serial port, CAN, Ethernet interface, instructor interface, emergency stop, robot power line and encoder cable interface. Rich interface, easy to use. The LCD display on the panel allows people to see the robot at a glance.


Model Coding

Symbol Series
RBT-E40 4-axis robot control cabinet
RBT-E60 6-axis robot control cabinet
RBT-E80 8-axis robot control cabinet
RBT-E100 ECAT robot control cabinet


Product Application

Tracking, vision, stamping, gluing, etc


Technique Feature

The controller, driver and power supply are all independently modularized and can be combined with higher flexibility and convenient disassembly and combination

· The controller is connected to the teaching device through communication mode, which can be hot-plugged and plugged at any time. The teaching device can be used in one machine

· System integration: 24-in-16-out I/O, 4-way D/A, 2-way encoder interface and 1-way CAN interface

· Complete electrical installation, saving the installation time of customers’ electric cabinets

· Integrated LIQUID crystal display, clear driving state information of controller

· Integrated process package to reduce customer development input and simplify programming operation

· High integration, small size and beautiful appearance

· Brand new ARM platform, low power consumption and low heating

· 6-axis parallel bus communication control

· Automatic address allocation for drivers

· Software PLC function, convenient logic control

Technical parameters

Power Supply Three-phaseAV220V±15% 50/60Hz,1.5kw(3kg)3KW(6kg)
Control shaft number 6 axis
Storage Spaces 1GB
Adapt the robot type 3kg-6kg robot body
Adaptation motor Hechuan motor
Interface Digital I/O interface, 24 input/16 output
4-way 0-10V analog output, 12-bit accuracy
2-channel encoder signal interface (position tracking)
Special terminal interface for robot, hard limit, anti-collision, maintenance switch, alarm brake control
Ethernet, RS485, CAN
Operation mode Teach, reproduce, remote
Program method Teaching reproduction, process programming(Gluing, tracking, vision, remote, stamping)
Control method  Position control
Coordinate Systems Joint coordinates, base coordinates, user coordinates, tool coordinates
Software PLC Trapezoidal map editing,5000 step
Applications Tracking, vision, stamping, gluing, etc
Size 360*193*298mm


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