Product Introduction


RBT-cd60-crx8 Integrated drive and control unit for industrial robots, integrated robot controller and multi-shaft motor servo drive unit, and special robot terminals and safety interfaces. It is suitable for 6-20kg six-joint robot, which can be used in carrying, welding, spraying, stacking, cutting, polishing and other fields. Both external axes can be extended simultaneously. The standard computer bus can extend the field bus, machine vision system and so on.

Model Coding

Symbol Series
RBT-E40 4-axis robot control cabinet
RBT-E60 6-axis robot control cabinet
RBT-E80 8-axis robot control cabinet


Product Application

Welding, cutting, handling, palletizing, machine tool loading and unloading, spraying, forging and pressing, casting and other fields or industries


Technique Feature

· Beautiful appearance, smaller volume installation, suitable for multi-scene application

· 6 axis +2 axis control

· CPU, driver and power supply are all independently modularized

· Process function, simple programming and easy operation

· Power modules can be selected according to needs and scenes, flexibly matching motors in different power segments

· System integration: 22 in and 22 out I/O, 4-way D/A, 2-way encoder interface

· Motor brake control circuit is built in to intelligently realize brake cable break and short circuit fault

· Software PLC function, convenient logic control

· Wide power coverage, matching 6-20kg robot

· Realize high-level robot safety functions

· Integrated design of drive control software, feed-forward of speed, feed-forward of acceleration, low-pass filter and adaptive algorithm of PID parameters

· Independent cooling air duct can prevent large amounts of dust from entering, with high reliability

· Process function, simplified programming, easy operation

Technical parameters

Power Supply Three-phaseAV220V±15% 50/60Hz,Add PE ground wire
Transformer capacity 3KVA(6KG)/5KVA(20KG) If an external shaft is installed, increase the capacity
External shaft is available 2-axis(coordinate)(Optional )
Adapt the robot type 6KG-20KG 6 axis robot body
Adaptation motor Adapt to the motor with domo – chuan encoder
DVI-D USB, EMAC(Support for visual),Serial Port(232,485)communication
Analog interface 4 D/V
Robot specific interface Hard limit, anti – collision, maintenance switch, safety speed, safety door, etc
Reserved special interface Arc welding special interface, station interface, remote upper interface
Standard IO  22 input/output channels
Software package Welding, handling, palletizing, spraying are optional
Demonstrator RBT-TPHK80-C
Size 393*339*128.5


Installation dimension drawing




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