Laser welding robot

Laser welding robot


Laser welding robot is used for thin plate welding with high requirements, it can solve the welding for plate less than 1mm.The main features are very high welding speed,good segregate reflection ability,suitable for very thin plate welding.Provide comprehensive solutions

Laser welding robot


A robot laser welding system consists of a servo-controlled, multi-axis mechanical arm, with a laser cutting head mounted to the face plate of the robot arm.

The cutting head has focusing optics for the laser light and an integral height control mechanism. An assist gas delivery package distributes a gas, such as oxygen or nitrogen, to the welding head. Most systems use a laser generator that delivers the laser light to the robot cutting head through a fiber-optic cable.

A laser welding robot can easily automate this application and manufacturers will see improved repeatability and higher quality welds.

We will connect the best Chinese made laser power with good price and stable quality. And can do some special design according to customers real situation. Customers can save up to 50% off at least compared with super famous Laser welding robot.

Every laser welding robot system is customized to customer specifications and needs.

Laser welding robotLaser welding robotLaser welding robotLaser welding robot

Laser welding robotLaser welding robot

Our company can offer customers with different terms of delivery. Customers can choose shipping way by sea or by air according to urgency priority. Our packaging cases can meet sea and air freight requirement. We’ll prepare all files like PL, the certificate of origin, invoice and other files. There is a worker whose main job is make sure every robot can be delivered to customes port without a hitch in 40 working days.

Laser welding robot
Laser welding robot

Your worker will have 3-5 days free training in our factory. There will be a Wechat group or WhatsApp group, our technicians who are responsible for after sale service, electrical, hard ware, software, etc, will be in. If one problem happens twice, our technician will go to customer company to solve the problem.
Laser welding robot

Q1. What about the requirement for laser welding ?

A. For materials, it must no High reflective material, this will cut off the power of laser source,

For fitting-up error, it must be less than 0.2~0.5mm, if the gap is very bigger, it not suitable for laser welding,

For thickness of plate, normally it is less than 5mm

Q2. what about the advantage of laser welding robot?

A. there are a lot of advantage for robot laser welding, like good welding performance, good welding speed, and low cost, etc.

Q3. is it easy to learn robot laser welding?

A. compared with robot arc welding, it has some requirements for operator. If operator follows our teaching, it will cost about 3~5 days can operate robot laser welding.

Q4. what about the spare parts for laser welding robot?

A. The main spare parts is the glass for laser welding

Q5. Can I use it for welding big thickness plate?

A. From theory, it can be used, but the cost will be very high, and it’s not suggestable.

Laser welding robot



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