Laser seam tracker RBT-CLW-V2

Laser seam tracker RBT-CLW-V2


Product Introduction

Laser seam tracker RBT-CLW-V2

Benefits of laser seam tracker

*Weld safely and perfectly

*Reduce the head load

*Increase productivity

*Place the welding gun in an ideal position

*Compensate production equipment and operation tolerances

*Reduce programming work for complex workpieces

*Achieve consistent and reproducible connections


Product Paramete

*According to different types of sensors, detectable weld width 0.5mm-35mm

*Height error:<0.15mm

*Horizontal error:<0.1mm

*Support RS-232/RS-485, Mod-bus and TCP/IP protocol

*Can be applied in MIG/MAG, TIG, laser and plasma welding various weld shapes for different weld types.

*Various weld shapes for different weld type.

*Intelligent recognition of different weld feature based on expert fuzzy control.

*Real-time display current welding seam offset, width and alignment tolerance, convenient for production management.

*Real-time seam tracking, including left and right and high and low tracking.

*Laser location

*Strong anti-interference ability and can recognize weld seam accurately under strong arc light interference.

*Strong adaptability, the weld feature can be recognized correctly even when the thermal deformation of the workpiece is serious.

*High precision, the laser seam tracking system can achieve 0.1mm accuracy.


Product Details

Laser seam tracker RBT-CLW-V2


Laser seam tracker RBT-CLW-V2

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