Laser seam tracker RBT-CLW-V1

Laser seam tracker RBT-CLW-V1


Product Introduction

RBT-CAW-V1 is an own R&D universal type arc tracking sensor, it will not be affected by, arc light, dust during the working process, so it has high reliability, It can be used under different welding conditions by Fuzzy Control.

This sensor can track fillet weld, butt weld coordinating with the RBT control system. It’s supper convenient and easy to use. It only needs simple adjustment after installation without changing the structure and then it can track the welding.

So, it can improve the welding productivity for the low precise assembled plate.


Product Paramete

Application condition Welding condition
Welding method (shield gas): CO2&MAG Welding current:>200A
Wire diameter:1.0-1.2mm Welding speed:<8mm/s
Wire dry extension of electrode:15-20mm Minimum welding length:70cm
Weld leg length/thickness:>6mm Swing radian:3-5mm
Groove angle:<90° Swing frequency:2-4Hz
Swing type: Z-shape


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