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In what ways can AGV be applied?

In what ways can AGV be applied?

As a new way of transportation, AGV is widely used in the manufacturing industry. In addition to manufacturing, where can AGV be used? When the power of the AGV is about to run out, it will send a request command to the system, request charging (general technicians will set a value in advance), after the system allows it to automatically “queue up” to charge the charging place. The handling robot moves the material by lifting. Generally, the lifting mechanism is located above the latent handling robot. During the operation, the latent handling robot stops directly below the goods. Mobile robots can be directed by humans, run pre-programmed programs, and act according to principles formulated with artificial intelligence technology. Its job is to assist or replace human work, such as manufacturing, construction, or dangerous work.

1. Warehousing industry is the earliest place to apply AGV, as early as 1954 in the United States, it has realized the automatic handling of goods in and out of storage management, at present, China’s warehousing industry AGV car system application research is more and more widely.

2. Manufacturing is the application of AGV in daily life. In the manufacturing industry, AGVs achieve flexible production. Through multi-AGV logistics processing system, driving routes can be changed according to the changes of production lines, thus increasing the diversity of products, thus improving the flexibility composition of production capacity and industrial competitiveness.

3. In addition to the application of AGV in China’s industrial production, daily learning and life can also be applied to the handling. At the post office, a library, port and airport life situations, such as items in the process of handling a number changing big adjustments, route, and the related characteristics of operating system process need to be repeated use, AGV well solve these social problems, has realized the automatic and intelligent development and flexibility of the daily handling, Greatly convenient handling of people’s living goods, is conducive to students to improve the quality of life of our people.

4. AGVS are also widely used in tobacco, medicine, food and chemical industries, such as laser-guided AGV to complete pallet cargo handling in Honghe Cigarette Factory.

5. Dangerous places and special industrial areas are also suitable for loading vehicles. Due to the particularities of the environment, such as the high risk factor and the effects of radiation, it is difficult to carry out practical operations, and the AGV can solve these problems.

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