Bidirectional carrying funnel type AGV

Bidirectional carrying funnel type AGV


Product Introduction

Bidirectional carrying funnel type AGV is an AGV customized for the screw industry. The process from screw production to appearance inspection is all automatically delivered by AGV.This AGV needs to integrate the client system and communicate with the client equipment to complete the automatic delivery.

Product Details

Product Paramete

Item Basic Parameters
Dimension L1750mm*W700mm*H1070mm
Delivery method Bidirectional carrying type
Navigation method Magnetic strip guidance
Drive mode Differential drive
Minimum turning radius 600mm
Driving speed 0-35m/min
Moving functions Move forward&backward, turn Left&right
Control unit PLC
Wireless network WIFI/RF network
Landmark type RFID
Stop Accuracy ±10mm
Maximum weight loading capacity 200KG
Power supply mode DC24V
Battery capacity 60AH
Duration ≥8h
Charging method Offline charging/Online charging
Operation Interface Touch screen
Safety prevention Roadblock detecting sensor+machianical bumper+emergency stop button
Error warning system Tricolor light+buzzer
Applied environment Indoor;temperature:0-50℃,humidity:60-80;gradient<2


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